You’re Simply The Best

Front Row: The Domestic Goddess, The MCMommy Chronicles, Matter of Fact Mommy
Middle Row: We Are THAT Family, Ms Single Mama, OK Where Was I?, We Make Three, Mommy’s Martini, Foolery
Top Row: Pajama Momma, Mommy Pie, San Diego Momma

Thank you all my Doogs! (Sick of it yet? I swear I’m getting it in the Urban Dictionary, if it’s the last thing I do.)

In addition to the group photo of my most frequent and steadfast commenters (not only did I run out of bodies to put heads on, there are a few of you who don’t have photos on your sites!), I fully intended to thank everyone who’s ever left a comment. Sadly, I now realize I was a little overly ambitious at this late hour.

I’m a lucky girl to have made so many friends in such a short period of time, and I wanted to take a minute to let you all know how much I truly appreciate each and every comment. (Even you Lurkers — I appreciate you too!) I love getting to know you all through your blogs — you’re an inspiring and diverse bunch.

Here’s wishing you an absolutely, positively wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!




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15 responses to “You’re Simply The Best

  1. you photoshopping queen! that little black number is SO me! i am lucky to be counted among your new friends. thanks for all the inspiration – and happy mother’s day!

  2. WOW!!! I love my new body! I swear to god, I actually wear an outfit just like that. You’re so awesome. So glad to have found you as well…you’re blog is such a treasure.

  3. I just want to say thank you and could you blow that up and have prints made? Oh, Please? Because I have never looked that fine! E-VER! My hubby is going to think I’m hot-can’t wait to show him (although this may cause disappointed when he remembers how I really look!)

    Happy Mother’s Day to you too!

  4. This is so much fun! Thanks for giving us all such buff bodies and great tans. 🙂 You are very intrepid to dig up photos of all of us.

    I hope you have a fabulous Mother’s Day yourself.

    And I can’t wait to hear what you decided to name the new site…

  5. Right back at ya! This is so great. I love my calf muscle–and my boobs are pretty good too!

  6. Further proof single moms rock! Just found your blog (which is awesome, by the way) but wish I’d found it sooner and started commenting because I could sure use a Photoshopped bod like one of those…
    Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

  7. Omigosh, I got a RACK. Even a partial RACK is better than a kindergarten chest, which is what you had to work with. How fun is that?! Thanks Mommypie!

    And I love coming here. I’ll be back!

  8. OHMYGAWD!!!!!!!!!
    That just made my feverish ear/sinus infected antibiotic shot in the ass day!!

    You rock!! That is hilarious!

    Happy Momma’s Day to you as well Mommypie!


    Seriously, I am hysterical over here!!

    I love you! I love your photoshop skills! And I love my rockin’ pose in the picture! ha ha ha!!!

    I’m telling everyone about this.

  10. McDaddy wants to know if you can blow up that picture of me. He’d like to put it on desk at work.


    i was reading this and thought… oh how cute… and then i saw it… the picture that i found on the google images search for “angry woman”… my ‘avatar’ for matteroffactmommy.

    i heart you so much and *so* enjoy reading your blog and *SO* appreciate you including me in this.

    (btw, how f-ing HAWT am i in the white capris and the off-the-shoulder get up? NICE!)

  12. mcmommy sent me over and i am sooo glad she did!!

    you have one helluva sexy bunch of bloggy friends 🙂

    happy, happy mothers day weekend!!

  13. Deb

    Your toned, tan arms look great AND I love what you did with your boobs!

    Also, I look HAWT in pink satin and hair extensions. I’m glad I got this practice run, b/c I’m so taking this as a template of my future look.

    But on a serious note, you are wonderful, creative and a readable blogger. And I’m lucky to be among your Photoshopped friends.

    Happy Mother’s Day!


  14. To funny. Just found your blog and love it!

  15. You have a funny blog – love it. It’s nice to learn a little about you. I am just stopping by from Mommyfest to say hi. Have a wonderful day.

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