Shake Your Baby Maker

How’s this for hours of wholesome fun?

The Baby Mama movie site has a Baby Maker. And instead of cookin’ for nine months, this one only takes nine seconds. Pair that with one Bona Fide Gimmick Sucker, yours truly, and you’ll see endless Mommypie hours magically vanish.

I came up with a few options in my quest for the perfect virtual baby.

Musical talent is a desirable trait, yes? I picked the guy from Flight of the Conchords as my first choice Virtual Sperminator. I find him oddly attractive. (Love that accent.) And oddly funny.

Our child, however, is just .. odd.

With that black and blueness, it looks like our little band geek is already well on his way to regularly getting his arse kicked.

Moving on to choice two.

What red-blooded woman can resist the bad boy? Not only does Lazy Town‘s Robbie Rotten have the whole exotic Icelandic thing goin’ on, he’s the baddest of the bad. And so nimble.

And together we have created Leatherface.

Choice number three. David Duchovny. Because he’s hot, he’s talented, he’s funny, he’s sarcastic. He’s Mulder.

Did I mention he’s hot?

And our virtual child?

The poor kid looks like a frostbitten Revolutionary soldier straight from the pages of a Time Life book. Let’s hope he’s funny.

Clearly there’s one choice left.

Mommypie luvs Bossy.


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19 responses to “Shake Your Baby Maker

  1. another co-worker

    I’m absolutely terrified.

  2. QB

    Ok, that’s startling and unnerving. I like the IDEA of Flight of the Concords, but for the love, do NOT procreate with him!!

  3. msmollie

    I’m a little disturbed and totally going to do it myself.

  4. Oh good heavens! These are terrifying. Are you sure this site wasn’t invented by some anti-abortion militants who are trying to keep people from getting pregnant in the first place?

    On the upside, at least BossyPie has lovely curly hair.

  5. Oh, I’m definitely going to do this with some politicians. Let THEM kiss those blecchy babies, I say. Very funny stuff.

  6. another co-work/QB — That’s nothin’ … I cross-bred myself with a badger … uh, just because. THAT was disturbing. You don’t EVEN want to see.
    msmollie — Do it! Seriously, it’s tres entertaining. (Glad you’re back!)
    MT — Holy smokes, this would be a militant’s DREAM campaign. Once the movie’s over, it could TOTALLY be re-packaged as birth control.
    Foolery — Oh, politicians would be AWESOME. Do it! Do it!

  7. okay, now that i’ve finished LMAO…

    can i just tell you that i am a HUGE david duchovny fan. i hate tea leoni for that reason. he is MY man, damnit!

  8. Jen

    OMG we love Gemaine from Conchords…and yeah in a freaky way he’s kinda hawt! 😉

  9. Bossy is quite lovable.

  10. That is just scary and I’m feeling a little, okay, a lot, disturbed. I may need to sleep with a light on.

  11. Deb

    Does that Baby Maker have a software bug or do blue noses run in your family?

    Also, David Duchovny is mine.

    Sorry about that.

  12. matteroffactmommy/Deb — Bring it sistas. Duchovny loves ME.

  13. What is up? Why are those babies so deformed? What’s with the bruises?

    Thanks for another laugh though as I work through this week’s posts. Co-worker just walked by and said “There’s SWM, always laughing at her computer…”

    I think I’ll start hanging up weird pictures now, maybe bring in some weapons, eating food from the trash.

    It’s ON!

  14. I just had a thought. Try crossing yourself with Grover and see if the blue is cured or at least looks better. MuppetPie might be an adorable baby.

  15. I thought I loved Bossy, too, until I saw that baby. Now I’m afraid of Bossy. Hold Me!

  16. mommynga

    You should try the vw routan baby maker. Get more accurate babies.;

  17. oh my god wat is that. this website is horrable. they need to let mothers beleave in them selves and not this shit. ecuse my french but this is wrong they need to let wemen be inspired to have a baby. without them thinking that their baby will endup looking like that. this is just some silly computer game not a god.

  18. so is any body here or am i barking in the dark

  19. euzinha

    esse site é horrível…os bebes saem deformados e o site num presta!

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