Wrong Cathouse, Paris


Paris Hilton’s BAAACCK!

Honey, just tell her to go home.

She won’t LEAVE and she smells like cough syrup.

Just explain she’s at the wrong house again.

I TRIED! She just keeps saying, “that’s hot.”


Uh, Mommy? Mrs. Cat doesn’t look very happy …



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9 responses to “Wrong Cathouse, Paris

  1. THAT’S NOT HOT, THAT’S SCARY! ACK! I hope you fumigated when she left.

  2. Poor kitties. There’s a little song called “Poor Robin,” which we should perhaps adapt for them.

  3. Jen

    Quick! Get those sweet little kitties out of there before she corrupts them.

  4. That’s sad. Very sad!

    And just a little funny!

  5. Jen

    Quick move! Before daddy kitty wanders!

  6. Yikes! Get her outta there! We don’t need to see an episode of Cats Gone Wild. 🙂

    Too funny…and now I really want Photoshop LOL!

  7. Actually, I think you’ve done Mrs. Kitty a favor. It’s probably pretty rare for her to have a house guest with less gray matter than her own stuffed self. She can do a little kitty superior dance.

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