Bags, Wrinkles and Flakes Be Damned

Here’s my contribution to the May edition of Hot Mamas Know — my very favorite products from my very favorite brand, my tried, my true, my Clinique. I’ve been using it in some form for the last 20 years, and without it I’d be lost. Seriously. Navigationally impaired. More so than usual.

The Bag Buster
I don’t go a single morning without All About Eyes. I think I retain a lot of water when I sleep or something, because I ALWAYS wake up with puffy bags. Believe it or not, it actually contains a decongestant, so it de-puffs crazy fast.

The Time Machine
Those attractive little vertical lines above my lip are hereditary. My mom’s advice is not to drink through a straw so much. My advice is Deep Wrinkle Concentrate. It doesn’t make the lines go away permanently, but it does an awesome job minimizing the “old-before-my-time” look. It works on the beautiful creases between my eyes too.

The Tall Cool Drink
I slather this on religiously morning and night. My skin is pretty much desert land. I can’t stand greasy, heavy anything on my face. The very thought of foundation makes me feel claustrophobic. Yech. Moisture Surge Extra is incredibly light. And you wouldn’t think it would work, but it does.

The Cheapest, Best All-Around
If all this seems a bit much, there’s still one thing you can’t beat. The washcloth. Not just any washcloth, mind you. Something REALLY cheap, bumpy and rough. Something decidedly NOT soft. Like a shop towel. This and a little Dove works exfoliating magic.

So there you have it. My daily deal. I’m kind of set in my ways.

Because diverging from the path ain’t pretty.



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14 responses to “Bags, Wrinkles and Flakes Be Damned

  1. beautiful pic. luggage, lines and all. 😉

    i, too am a HUGE clinique fan. i use the moisture surge stuff in large quantities every morning, and sometimes at night. i use the all about eyes because i have a sample size.
    when my moisture surge and all about eyes run out, i will probably never use them again. they’re too expensive… :-/

  2. Clinique is the best thing out there. And I love your ‘bag’ photo. You are quite skilled. But you know this already, right?

  3. I used to use Clinique. Unfortunately, I’ve developed nasty allergies. And skin cancer. So now I use clinical stuff. But I miss their intense eye cream.

  4. I love Clinique and All About Eyes and All About Lips and the Pore Minizer are my three favorite products. I use the Moisture Surge, but the 1/2 level not the gel. No Repairware yet though…

  5. I love that there are product photos here, so I can’t get lost in the store when trying to purchase them. Your photo of you, though? It should tell you something that you had to draw in those lines and bags. (Hint: they’re not really visible otherwise.)

  6. Jen

    LOVE your site, just stumbled upon you via Alltop!


  7. But what about my freckle mustache? Wah! I need to get rid of that dadgum thing.

  8. Deb

    OK, I’m going to give all that a try.

    ***crossing fingers for miracle bag/wrinkle/bad mood cure***

  9. PJM — Here’s the poop for those freckles …

    “Rain drops on a child under a year will cause freckles. To get rid of freckles, wash the face with dew from the grass.”

    Or you could just try drugs.

  10. I’m sorry, have you SEEN how great your skin looks? Clearly you have NO need for these products. Either that or you’re Grandma Walton and the products are miracles in a bottle.

  11. Ok, I DESPERATELY need that eye depuffer. I’m buying it tomorrow. Seriously.

  12. “Rain drops on a child under a year will cause freckles. To get rid of freckles, wash the face with dew from the grass.”

    I’m screwed.

  13. Just found your site. I have never tried Clinique before, but I now know which products to start with! I am excited about the “Bag Buster”

    Thanks for posting these 🙂

  14. I use to work for Clinique. It was recommended by my dermatologist when I was a teen. It was the first product that my mom bought for me when I started to seriously washing my face and the first product I bought for my daughter. And now that I’m in the desert – I CANNOT live without my Moisture Surge!

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