If I Ever Get Married …

(and that’s a biiigg IF)

THIS is how I want Mr. Pie to see me.

To look right past the baggy sweats.

And the scary fro in the morning and the few extra pounds and the frazzly crazy OCDin’ mess I can be.

To see that inner goddess I KNOW is there. Somewhere.

THIS is what I’m holding out for.

I don’t think that’s asking for too much, do you?

Thanks to Mama’s Losin’ It for this little blind date with Trace.

Blind Date with Trace.

Someone smells a reality show …


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7 responses to “If I Ever Get Married …

  1. Girlfriend, I think you have just turned me into a country music fan.

    I’m so stealing this.

  2. i swear i never even liked country music, but Trace could make a believer out of me. here’s to raccoon eyes in the morning, bedhead, and morning breath.

  3. Ok, that was a nice little distraction in my morning routine….however, am I the ONLY one who wanted to beat Trace upside the heat with a pair of his own boots because he was just standing there fantasizing whilst the little wife is running around like a stepford wife on speed trying to corral the kids, clean the house and work-out? *lol*

  4. No Auds at Barking Mad – you’re not the only one – that’s the only thing I was thinking!
    Maybe she’d look like that all the time if he lifted a finger and helped her out a little bit…AND if she DID look like that all the time, she’d realize how much hotter she is than that cheeseball and find someone who DIDN’T just stand around watching her bust her butt taking care of his kids – sheesh!

  5. Yeah, you guys are right. It didn’t even dawn on me he was slackin’ so hard. Sheesh.

  6. As I sit here in my (maternity) nightgown and robe, barefoot, with uncombed hair, little girls in their jammas and Lincoln logs and bean bags all over this room, I really hope my husband can see the hot mama in me.

    I’m pretty sure she’s still in there somewhere!

    (and I agree, he could have at least picked up an orange or two!)

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