Poop and Pee Pee, Sittin’ in a Tree …

MP is sitting on the potty.

“Mommy, the poop is a ‘he’ and the pee is a ‘she.'”


“They’re getting married.”


And now you know why I’m not married.


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9 responses to “Poop and Pee Pee, Sittin’ in a Tree …

  1. awesome. men are pieces of shit. wonder where she gets that…? :p

  2. I love it. Men are poo. She’s a smart girl.

  3. what a brilliant kid! get her a blog!

  4. your daughter is too funny – so cute!

  5. Bossy loves the concept of engendered waste.

  6. But who will preside? Reverend T.P.?

  7. Men are poo. Engendered waste. Reverend T.P.

    You crack me up, doogs.

  8. Okay. I just peed a little.

  9. livingonmoments

    That might be the funniest thing i’ve heard…ever.

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