I forgot to include my check when I sent off my taxes April 15. Now what? Does this mean I won’t be getting my economic stimulus check this week?

Day five of the pasties, and I just found out they’re made with a HYUGE amount of LARD. I KNEW it. Anything that tasty can’t be good for you.

That’s all.


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5 responses to “Balls.

  1. Lard is GOOD for you. It’s all natural. It comes from an animal (a little help here?). It’s…erm…c’mon! They taste good, right?

  2. Forgot the check??? Schnikes!
    About the lard, hey our grandparents ate it, and my nan is 94 and still kicking hard.

  3. ouch! good luck with those lovely, understanding folks at the IRS. i say there’s no problem that a few more pasties couldn’t fix.

  4. Actually (this is the truth here) I firmly believe lard is good for you.

    It’s all that man-made crap that we eat that’s bad. Hydrogenated oils, high-fructose corn syrup, soybean anything. ick

    I think if we ate food just as they were made, except meat (gotta cook that, ick otherwise) we’d be doing pretty darn good, but nooooooooo, we had to change everything. I’m including bread here cuz it’s man made.

    I am however, pretty sure chocolate bars grow on trees. In addition, I happen to be lucky enough to have a Corona beer-bush in my backyard. I’m blessed like that.

  5. Perhaps you should send your check over to Mr. Sense of Humor Tax Man on top of a box of fresh piping hot pasties. If that doesn’t do the trick consider the OTHER kind of pasties.

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