Apparently I’m a Figment …
Logo There are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?



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10 responses to “Apparently I’m a Figment …

  1. I think that’s fantastic. The world isn’t big enough to handle TWO Mommy Pies!

  2. that is wild! apparently there’s only one of me too. i guess it’s kind of a good thing not to have a dozen heads turn when your name is called.

  3. There are zero of me too — either under maiden name or married name, and FORGET about the combination of those two. So I guess you and I must exist in some kind of alternate universe. It’s pretty nice here, huh? Do you think we really have to pay taxes, though?

  4. 0 people here, too. I guess I don’t exsist. Good one explaining that to Son. When he hears someone took his “ma” away (and that’s not his NN for me, but for my breastmilk–cute, eh?), he’s gonna be one pissed off American.

  5. Oh wait! There’s 0 people with Son’s name, too. Guess we’ll be living in over there in no-man’s-land together. And here I thought I finally had my BFin’g “out”. DAMMIT!

  6. Deb

    Well, there’s 742 of me.

    That’s what I get for my mom naming me the ’60s equivalent of “Joan Doe.”

  7. Good, ’cause for a minute there, I was thinkin’ something was a little fishy, what with all of us not existing, and all. We can’t ALL be named Laquisha Kenisha …

    Don’t worry Deb, you’re still one of a kind 🙂

  8. Following up on the Big Hair Festival idea here, since I’m not sure if you will notice if I leave a comment on a post that’s several days old or not… anyway, I think a month should be plenty of time for publicity :). Can you make a logo, with your mad skilz? If you put up a post announcing it on a Monday, you could link it to Absolutely Bananas’s “Make Me Laugh Monday,” and that would help get the word out too. If you want to email me to work out logistics, if there’s any way I can help, drop me a line at victeacher (AT) comcast (DOT) net.

  9. I don’t even want to know. That would freak me out.

  10. There is one person in the U.S. with my name, and I have a sneaking suspicion I know who she is.

    (Although — bit of trivia here — I had a great uncle named Laurie LaGrone, too. Yes, a man. I guess it’s a southern thing.)

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