My Best Nancy Drew Impression

First off, thank you Doogs for all your sweet bday wishes! The day was nice and low key, culminating in 75-minute deep tissue massage at 3:00, my favorite cold-weather dinner — Grammy’s pot roast — and a spectacular pink cake proudly decorated by MP.

Tuesday night I DID go out for a few glasses of bubbly with some co-works. It was a dual celebration as Co-work QB and I share the same day. What are the odds?

We had a little food.

We had a little drink.

And were having a most excellent time.

And then Creepy came to dinner.

Creepy sat down behind QB, and, after ordering a glass of wine, produced a small notebook. He then began to write. ‘Take notes’ might be more accurate.

Creepy appeared to be writing down our every word. I think it’s safe to say, we are Very Interesting People (VIPs).

Attempting to alert QB proved fruitless — Creepy wouldn’t take his eyes off us for more than a second. I meanwhile (being the responsible 40-year-old I am), begin taking photos, in the event there was a future need for evidence … all the while, trying to nonchalantly appear as though I was taking QB’s photo.

I think he bought it.

QB certainly did.

About this time, she figured out what was going on.

And I started to get a little concerned. I finally got a good view of the notebook, however. I also got a good look at his face. Turns out he looked suspiciously like the actor Christopher Meloni.

In a psycho killer kind of way.

So, Creepy goes to the bathroom. We peek at the notebook.

And, with the entire bar watching — who, by now, have all seen Creepy and his creepiness — I lean over and take a hurried, worried photo.

In my haste, I forget to focus.

Thus, bringing to an end my short lived Pinkerton career.



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22 responses to “My Best Nancy Drew Impression

  1. we haven’t met yet, but sandiego momma says you turned 40. so happy birthday, and hope you enjoyed a fantabulous night.

  2. But even if your camera can’t read the notebook, could you?!!?! I’m dying to know whether he was taking notes, or practicing pick up lines, or making a grocery list, or what. Glad you otherwise had a fun night out.

  3. oh my gosh! what did it say?!?!?!? Did anyone ever say anything to him???

  4. Thanks so much, Myra!

    As for the notebook, QB couldn’t see much except some randomness. So, who knows. The scary thing is he FOLLOWED us out. And then, with a weird smile, asked me if my neck hurt. Does that mean he knew I was trying to read his stuff? We hightailed it to the car. I fully expected to be followed again, but thankfully, that didn’t happen.

    Freaks are everywhere — there’s no escaping it.

  5. Ooooh, what did it say? did you get a sneak peek? Yeah, nothing says HAPPY BIRTHDAY, like a creep!

  6. Damnit – I so wanted to see what he wrote!

    ooooh – I just read your comment where he asked you if your neck hurt?!!!!! CREEEEEEEEEEPYYYYYYYYY…

    great pix and grafix BTW – you’re so frickin’ funny!


    wow, i wish you guys could have seen even a few words of what was written in that notebook! i’m so curious…

  8. Deb

    Can we super sharpen the words in Photoshop? I must work on that. I bet there’s a CSI photo editing trick we can employ to read that notebook.

    It’s like he was testing you…leaving the notebook in plain view like that. WEIRD! Maybe the words,
    “Call Me for a Good Time!” were on it or something?

  9. QB

    Yes, I was totally oblivious to the whole thing, until the pictures. It was all very “My Fair Lady,” without the awesome dresses and flamboyant accent. There is no replacing that creepiness.

  10. Basement Boy Blogger out for a big night. Reporting home to Mommy.

    Nothing more fun than a good creepy mystery — me and Velma both think so — as long as you’re safe. Have some cake and brush it off.

  11. HAHAHAHA!!!
    Creepy guy! I love it…
    I’ve had that happen, I make a very paranoid drunk, so I’ve no idea if the guy was actually creepy or just enjoying a drink next to two hot chicks.

    Anyways, glad you had a nice birthday.

  12. I love it! Didn’t it make the night more fun? I love trying to figure stuff out and then just laugh and laugh, cuz I have been drinking.

  13. another co-worker

    Ok. Just a little bit offended that a). There are no pics of me from your b-day drinks night AND b). there is no mention of me in your b-day drinks night post sine I am the one who pointed out creepy guy in the first place.

  14. QB

    oh go cry in your cheerios.

  15. Firstly, let me say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Secondly, eww, what a freak! I once had ‘Cliff Clavin’ follow me in a bar. Never said a word to me, just followed and stared. Needless to say, I almost crapped my pants (you know that prickly feeling you get in the back of your neck that tells you that your life is in danger – yeah, he evoked that feeling) and was very grateful for my BFF. You were definitely smart taking his picture. And another thing. I’m almost certain that he left the notebook knowing full well that you would look. He probably stood in the back of the bar and watched you two. CREEPY!! I’m glad you all had a great time despite weirdo.

  16. I forgot to add, “I’m a good girl, I am Gov’nah!”

  17. We haven’t met yet but I found you through sandiegomomma. What a story! I’ve now got some very yucky mental pictures about what he did with the notebook later on. Eeewww! Happy birthday!

  18. I read this a few days ago when you first posted it but never got a chance to comment. I just read it again now and

    b.) I’d like to nominate this for BEST POST EVER. (because even with all the creepiness, this is still the funniest post EVER!)

  19. another co-worker

    Whatever QB. Your 24 year old face is plastered all over this blog. You wouldn’t have even been there if it weren’t for me.

  20. QB

    another-I know, I know, but maybe if you weren’t outside suckin’ the long thin ones down, you’d be in more pictures…Ok, that was a little strong…LOVE YOU!

  21. And he would have gotten away with it had it not been for you birthday girls and that camera of yours!
    Rappy Rourty Birthray Roo You!
    From Shaggy, Scooby & I

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