Feels Just Like Yesterday

How fast it all goes.

Happy 40th to me …

 Mommypie circa 1988



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17 responses to “Feels Just Like Yesterday

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you have a brilliant day!


    Audrey and her better ‘arf, G.

  2. Happy Birthday!! Have a fabulous day.

    And if only I had your mad photoshop skills, I would put MY face on that picture. Oh, wait, I don’t need to…I have big hair pictures all of my own. Perhaps we should declare an International Big Hair on the Internet Day where everyone has to post an 80s picture of themselves?

  3. Happy Birthday hot stuff!

    You were a stunner back then, but I’ll have to say you’ve only gotten better with time.

  4. What an amazing photo. I’m still trying to see if it’s dubbed. Sorry. It’s not that you aren’t THAT gorgeous without dubbing, you’re just such a gifted photo dubber. Never mind.

    Happy 40th!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Birthday Buddie. There’s no one I’d rather share my birthday with. But apparently lots of people I’m forced to!
    Lots of Love!

  6. Jim

    As a child of the 80’s, let me just say…you look pretty hot in your Def Leppard strategically-ripped washed-out jeans.


    That photo rocks! I would have so wanted to be you if I’d known you then. I never knew how to rip my jeans right back then, and I always looked at my older cousin, who had the best ripped jeans and the big hair that I could never have, with awe and envy. Mostly envy.

  8. Thanks everyone!! You guys are the best Doogs a girl could ask for!

    And MommyTime — I LOVE the idea of a Blogger’s Big Hair Day! We should all totally rally to get it going. Seriously — you know we all had it, and how funny would that be?!?

    Okay, I’m NOT letting this one go …

  9. Deb

    Oh my gosh! Is that one of the Limited’s famous ’80’s sweaters?

    Happy 40th!!!!


  10. I had the same exact hair, except mine had waaayyy more hairspray. I agree, it’s very chic in a Def Leppard/Bon Jovi sort of way. Happy Birthday!!! 🙂

  11. Jeebus you’re hot. And that’s NOT EVEN big hair, lady. My big hair could kick your big hair’s ass ANY DAY. But back to that photo, I could never wear jeans like that because from the tender age of BORN I’ve had Cowpie Knees.

    I so want you to marry Mantel Man but I suspect you’re too tall — and too hot — for him.



    — Laurie

  12. Ooohhh! You and I both have BIG birthdays this year! (mine’s next month)

    I’m loving that pic of you. It’s so Def Leppard meets Bon Jovi meets White Lion meets Poison.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

  13. singleworkingmommy

    Happy birthday! You look like the older girls in my high school that I had girl crushes on.

    (and pssssst foolery… what in the crap are cowpie knees?)

  14. Happy Birthday! I came over for a peek from Deb’s blog.

  15. MommyPie — we MUST do this. Let’s pick a date and make a logo and email every we know well enough to pester to get them to put the logo in their sidebars, and make a big huge hair festival out of it. How fun?! 🙂

  16. I’m totally game! Probably need at least a good month to get the word out, don’t you think?

  17. I totally missed this! Awesome pic – you should make Mommie Pie t-shirts with that photo – they could say “2 Fast 4 U”.

    Just a thought.

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