Booger Logic

“MP, did you pick your nose again?”

“Yes …”

“Did you use a tissue?”

“Uh … no. It was just sprinkle boogers …”

MP! C’MON … you know you’re supposed to use a TISSUE.”

“But they were just SPRINKLE boogers!!”

“What did you DO with them?”


SPRINKLED them! On the floor.”

DUH, Mommy. Weren’t you listening?!?

True story.



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9 responses to “Booger Logic

  1. The sad reality is that this happens on a daily basis in my home. I have one that wipes them under a table or couch and the other who just gleefully blows them on the back of my shirt or rubs his nose on the carpet. But the best yet is when he feeds them to the dog, who is only too happy to help out…

  2. MommyTime

    Coulda’ been worse. They might have been popsicle boogers. Just sayin’…

  3. Oh my goodness. I totally just laughed out loud. I must confess I don’t always use a tissue. There might not be much hope for my little one.

    Booger popsicle! Haha!

  4. LOL!!! That is too funny! My 12yr old loved it too. I’m going to refer to them as “sprinkle boogers” from now on. LOL.:)

  5. Booger-eating dogs and popsicle boogers?!? BAHA! The images I have goin’ on in my head are frightening …

  6. Blimey, I’m trying not to laugh…really I am…only because we’ve been so bad around here at what we refer to “booger” as, ‘bats in your cave’ that the Little Imp has taught a couple of the tots at her Montesorri to say the same thing – driving the teachers all batty. So I’m laughing with you. Seriously, I am.

    Mommy Time…I’m almost afraid to ask…what is a “popsicle booger” ?

  7. Ok, I’m cracking up. Seriously I’d never been acquainted with the thought of putting them anywhere other than on a tissue until I got a stepson!
    This was a riot. I’ve always dug in and gotten B’s myself…but they really always go on a tissue. She doesn’t let me anymore really…she jokes about how I used to!!!!!!!! 🙂

  8. Is THAT where thprinklesth come from? Well, I’ll be having no more of THOSE on my baked goods, thank you very much!

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