Groovy Hippie Guy Plays A Tune

So, gymnastics Friday. Didn’t see much of the Track Mommies, which is always nice. Gigi’s mom and I WERE treated to a little chamber music, however.

First a little background. There’s the main floor and the observation deck. Most parents choose to sit on the main floor. Gigi’s mom and I, along with a few other moms, always sit up on the observation deck. There’s one groovy hippie guy who’s up there each time as well, always in the background with his older daughter. They rarely interact with other parents, choosing instead to keep to themselves, sitting on the floor playing backgammon, messing with tools spread out on newspaper, or doing some random odd thing.

Friday he was … PLAYING THE CELLO.


In a small space. More importantly, in a small PUBLIC space. Apparently completely oblivious of his surroundings.

It’s not like it would make a difference if he were playing WELL. The point is, who does this??

The instrument was smaller, so I’m guessing it was his daughter’s. Maybe he was giving her lessons? Which is weird ’cause he sounded like an eight-year-old himself.

I was SO bummed I didn’t bring my camera. It was such a bizarre scene, I totally would have taken a photo. I’ll do my best to reinact …

So, he was all

And his daughter was all

And we were all

And then Bobo showed up. My dad knows no difference between “indoor voice” and “outdoor voice.” He sat down, looked at Groovy Hippie Guy behind us and

he was all

Can’t take him anywhere. No, seriously.

I have to remember to bring my camera each week to record GHG’s activities. I just don’t know how to get away with it.

I’m on a mission.



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9 responses to “Groovy Hippie Guy Plays A Tune

  1. MommyTime

    But if you had taken your camera, we wouldn’t have had all these fun graphics — so I’m kind of happy you forgot it. I wish I had your skillz!

  2. Ack! MT, you’re waaaay too nice!

  3. Deb

    OK, the metamorphosis into each other is complete: my dad is the EXACT same way.

    Just one point of distinction in our alikeness: I can’t illustrate like you.

  4. That’s so funny. I can totally relate. My dad is extremely loud. When he talks on his cell phone, the volume level increases. It’s awful!

  5. Use your cell phone and sneak some pics!

  6. Great idea — I always forget my cell has a camera! The only problem is that it SUCKS, but this may be the only way to avoid detection … How very 007, MSM …

  7. Oh thank you! I really, truly needed this laugh today. Your drawings are priceless.

  8. How close DO you live to the desert southwest? Because I’m pretty sure I want my brother to marry you, since I can’t.


    That was only half as weird as it sounded.

  9. You want to marry your brother? Not weird at all … Gah 🙂

    I’m just a hop, skip, and jump jump away in the northwest mountains …

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