Hey, Thanks Wendy’s Guy

How did you know when I asked for extra salt I really meant 17 packets?

What I REALLY should’ve asked for was a straw.



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8 responses to “Hey, Thanks Wendy’s Guy

  1. C

    Oh, you make me happy.
    Thanks for that.

  2. sparklingmama

    All that salt could kill a person!

  3. You know what’s THE BEST with salty fries?

    A cold chocolate frosty!


  4. Ah, the passive-aggressive sarcasm of fast food employees. Good thing you didn’t ask for extra ice.

  5. Holy Crap, that’s alotta salt. Don’t you love it when you get SODIUM LADEN FOOD and they give you 30 packets of salt?

  6. How about when you get one packet of ketchup for three orders of fries? Are you kidding me?

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  8. Lupine S

    I actually work at a Wendy’s
    There is a list we are supposed to follow on how many of each item to pass out. If they ask for extra i give them a little extra
    if they ask for more i give them a lot to get them to go away and get off my timer

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