A Very Waldo History Lesson

MP received her first Where’s Waldo book from Grammy and Poppy this Valentine’s Day, and it’s been a HYUGE hit. Once in bed, this book keeps her so occupied, looking for any one of six characters and various objects, she falls asleep in no time.

That is, once the shouting from room to room stops…

“Mommy, I found Wizard Whitebeard!!”

“Great Honey – quiet time now.”

“Mom, I found Odlaw!!” (Which she pronounces “Allah.” Which just sounds weird.)

“Good … close your eyes.”

“MOM! I found a Waldo Watcher!!”


She had the book a few days before we sat down to read it together. I have to admit, it was the first time I’d taken more than a quick look. Turns out it, has a history theme, featuring a time-traveling Waldo as he visits memorable periods of history.

First we learned about the ancient Romans.

Then, we learned a bit more about our Norse ancestors.

And what would a history lesson be without covering the Crusades?

Ever see Apocalypto? I know, it’s about the Mayans and not the Aztecs, but c’mon … if you’ve seen one human sacrifice, you’ve seen ’em all, right?

I found Waldo! See him peeking out from behind that nice Samurai soldier?

Maybe the book is meant for older kids? Maybe depictions of the Christians being thrown to the lions is more suitable for … mmm, I don’t know … eight year olds? My bad. Silly woman.

I have to admit, the book is pretty entertaining. Once you get past the whole bloodyviolentbattlescene theme thing, of course.



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15 responses to “A Very Waldo History Lesson

  1. Whoa. I thought I saw Russell Crowe’s face on one of those gladiators!

    Geez, sweet bloody dreams. Perhaps instead of “Where’s Waldo” we should change the name to “Is Waldo still Alive and does he still have all his limbs intact?”

  2. wow, thats oddly themed

  3. wow. are you kidding me!? the only ‘where’s waldo’-esque books we have are the seek-n-finds for the transformers and the incredibles. certainly no history lessons there…

  4. Lol! How weird! My son would love it though…

  5. Note to self: do not EVER buy these books for Son if I want Daughter to make it to next year without serious bonks on her head!

    I like McMommy’s renaming. Or perhaps, more simply “The Waldinator” — and on every page, “no matter how many ways or times you kill me, I’m baaaa-aaack!”

  6. What a great book. My 8 year old would LOVE it. I may have to google it. She loves history. I think she could learn more about it from that book then from all the questions she asks me.

  7. That’s some seriously messed up stuff…yet I’m strangely attracted…LOL!

    So did they bring it up to the present and hide Waldo in any gang fights?

  8. Hmmm…those are quite some pics. I would have never given it much thought. Well, we can say that the history is true, and with some simple explanation she can learn a lot.

    No worse than some of the underlying adult humor in kids’ movies these days. Right?

  9. Still to do: The Alamo, Custer’s Last Stand, the Bataan Death March, the Trail of Tears, the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre . . . have I forgotten any important slaughters? ha ha

    And what exactly were those Crusaders doing with a sheep on a stick?

  10. I KNOW! My question exactly – that’s why I had to zoom in on the poor guy …

    Love your slaughter list — HA!

  11. Where’s Waldo stuff makes my eyes cross. I can never find the bloody git! I only found him once…and that was on one of your zoom pages and he was pretty obvious. The rest….gah!!!!! Makes my eyes bleed!

    lol @ Christine’s (Serenity How) comment about present day Waldo and gang fights!

  12. Deb


    Do they have a “Where in the War is Waldo?” book?

    Then, they could pictorially re-create all the world wars and stick Waldo in the Battle of the Bulge for hiding fun!

    What the heck????

  13. OK. I’m kinda disturbed. Is that OK?

  14. You mean, people actually read it? I had no idea.
    Don’t forget about the one where the woman is topless…

  15. Ed

    HA! wheres Waldo was awsome,….also when I think Waldo I think of an old neighborhood in South Kansas City called Waldo where I used to live.

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