Single With Cheese, Please

I just watched The Holiday for what has to be the … eighth? … time. I’m a complete SUCKER for chick flicks. My BFF Tea and I have a theory that our perpetual state of singleness is due in part to chick flicks. She’s living in Chile right now, on a 13-month teaching stint, but when we were in the same town, we’d hit all the new CFs as soon as they came out. And whenever we’d rent movies, nine times out of 10, it would be a love story. We’ve been doing it since we were 14.

Each time, we’d walk away on a ridiculous high, no matter how inane or poorly acted the show. And each time, we’d look at each other and have the same conversation. No WONDER we have such unrealistic expectations. How could anyone compete?

At this stage in the game (less than two weeks and counting ’til Mommypie turns 40 – yikes!), I have to admit … unless I meet someone who absolutely makes me see stars — makes me go ZAZA ZOO (to inject a Sex in the Cityism) — there’s not much of a point. Especially with a child to consider. I refuse to be in it just to be in it.

But give me a good love story, and I’m all over it. The cheesier the better. (So much for those six years of film school.) In those two hours, I DO want to be in it. In those two hours, I AM in it.

Escapism. It’s one of my favorite things …

1. Valley Girl. I love it when opposites attract.

2. The Holiday. The Jude Law character? That would be me. Minus the chest hair and plus a few inches. (In HEIGHT, people.)

3. Bridget Jones’s Diary. You may remember my Ode to Granny Panties. I don’t know why, but I totally identify with BJ. Er, the character.

4. Because I Said So. The single dad musician. LOVE him. Where are guys like THIS?

5. Under The Tuscan Sun. Tea bought this for me when I was eight months pregnant and had just purchased my first house. I related to this movie in so many ways. The first night in my new home, we had a sleepover and stayed up late watching it. I remember overwhelming feelings of gratitude for the company.

6. Love Actually. Remember the kid in the nativity octopus costume wedged in the car between Hugh Grant and his love interest? The scene only lasts a minute, but I literally snort every time I see it.

7. The Sweetest Thing. Maybe it’s just me, but this Cameron Diaz flick is one of the raunchiest, most hilarious movies ever. I just about pee my pants every time it gets to the glory hole scene. (Yep, you heard me right. Glory Hole Scene. If you don’t know what that means, you’re gonna have to look it up, ’cause I ain’t tellin’ ya.)

8. Titanic. Doy.

9. The Notebook. Double doy.

10. Same Time Next Year. My all-time favorite. Shot in the 70s, this oldie but goodie stars Alan Alda and Ellen Burstyn. Hands down, the most romantic love story I’ve seen. It kills me every time.

So there you go. Mommypie’s quick luv fix. I’ve laid out a whole two and a half months worth of Saturday nights for all you fellow hopeless and easily amused romantics.

Now, what are your favorite chick flicks? I’m always game for something new … not that there aren’t already plenty of exceedingly high expectations to go around.


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13 responses to “Single With Cheese, Please

  1. Ah HA! Now I know why I like you so much…we have the exact same taste in movies. 🙂 I loved “Love Actually,” and “Bridget Jones,” and “The Holiday” (Jude Law = dreamy), and “The Notebook,” and “Same Time…” you get the point.

    I’ve never seen “The Sweetest Thing” or “Because I Said So” — so now I have some fun ones to watch. Thanks!

    You’ve probably already seen all of the following, but just in case not, how about: “The Red Violin,” “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” “Raising Helen,” “Alex and Emma” (hilarious) or “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” (I love Kate Hudson for this genre)? I also loved “Whale Rider,” which is not a chick flick, but gorgeous.

    OK…off to find a movie to watch while baby sleeps…

  2. Oooh, good ones! I’ve never seen The Red Violin, but I think it happens to be showing on cable now. I’ve seen all the others (and love them of course) except for Whale Rider … I’ll have to give it a shot. Thanks!

  3. Ok, I *thought* I was a chick flick lover (relaxation is Notting Hill on a Sunday afternoon!) but I’ve only seen like 3 of the chick flicks on your list! I’m a total chick loser.

    Where’s my blockbuster card? I’ve got some homework to do.

  4. Deb

    I love, love, love “Moonstruck.” It’s my favorite of all time.

    I also loved “Living Out Loud” with Holly Hunter.


  5. McGoiter … er … Mommy – How could I forget Notting Hill?

    Deb – Moonstruck’s awesome – haven’t seen it for years … Never seen Living Out Loud, but I’ll definitely put it on the list!

  6. I can’t even get in here. I am the worst movie viewer EVER. It’s so much easier to tell you which movies I HAVE seen than HAVEN’T seen.

    That said, “When Harry Met Sally,” “Living Out Loud,” and “Racing With the Moon,” which is a chick flick, I guess (Sean Penn’s and Nicholas Cage’s first or very early starring roles).

  7. I like a lot of those movies you listed, but ultimately CF’s just make me sad, instead of happy.

    But one of the first CF’s I remember watching, and LOVING at the time was the one with Christian Slater and Mary Stuart Masterson. Christian Slater was some flower delivery guy… I forget what it was called… Bed of Roses, maybe?

  8. Okay, I love almost all of those. My hatred for Titanic was the company I saw it with…and the fact that I was depressed for three days afterwards…I’m weird.

    But I have to say I love the Sweetest Thing: chick flick meets Old School.

    I also love Pride & Prejudice the best is the BBC version (it is so long that it is perfect when you are sick in bed)…another good part is the remakes (Bride & Prejudice: bollywood version) and the Mormon version (a little hard to find, but worth it).

    I also love Ever After.

  9. I thought….that I was the only person alive who loved Valley Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I watched it when I was little (and my brothers were the age of Julie and nick cage in that movie) and all I could do was daydream about when I grew up to be teenager,…I wanted to be just like Julie!!!!

    You really should watch…”August Rush”… good movie…

  10. Okay, obviously, Living Out Loud is one I have to see …

    SWM – Bed of Roses – holy tear jearker – no wonder you get sad! (But good CF.)

    Alex – I was SO against seeing Titanic when it came out – I was just disgusted that someone would make a blockbuster love story about something so tragic. Against better judgement, I went, and hated myself for loving it so much. Ever After – LOVE it.

    ana.biosis – Valley Girl’s the BEST! This is probably tied with Same Time for my all time fave. It sounds like I need to see August Rush too – I know you said JRM was in it, but it’s not ringing a bell – is it newer?

  11. The Notebook – Ryan Gosling – why can’t I be Rachel McAdams…

    I just saw “P.S. I Love You” on our in-flight movie on the way back from NY yesterday – it was SO good. Totally great C.F.

    I’ll have to check out “Holiday” – didn’t even know about it. I’m SO out of it.

  12. I know I’m commenting months after this was posted, but hello? Sleepless in Seattle, anyone?

    And When Harry Met Sally, Notting Hill, Sliding Doors…

    I do love Moonstruck, especially the very last secene when everything is resolved in the kitchen.

    You’ve Got Mail, any movie version of a Jane Austen book (esp. Emma, Sense and Sensability, all versions of Pride and Prejudice), Four Weddings and a Funeral, Love Actually, Mona Lisa Smile…

    I’ll stop now. I could go on and on and on.

    Chick flicks rock!

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