Roger That

MP’s been obsessed with enunciation this past year. Six or seven months ago it was the letter R, and any word beginning with it. Now, it’s the letter K, and any word ending in it.







kkkkkk kkkkkk kkkkk kkkkkkk

The Pie House, the car … if space really does record memories, as some suggest … surely sound like a bad connection in the middle of combat.

kkkkkkkk. Over and out.

Actually, it sounds like this:

A wonderfully thoughtful birthday gift from one of MP’s friends. I say that with all sincerity. However, either this is designed specifically to annoy the poo out of parents with its incessant static, or I didn’t read the directions correctly.

Or at all.

Not that the K Phase is annoying. I’m enjoying it – because I know it’s just one of many that’ll be gone soon enough. Before I know it, 20 years will have shot by, and she may be saying … other … er … less savory words that end in K. At some point, they may even be directed at me.

I hope not.

I hate being called CHUCK.



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4 responses to “Roger That

  1. sparklingmama

    We have those and I keep them safely hidden!

  2. Or, all that muck that clucks.

  3. “All the cool kids are passing notes, honey.”

    Yeah, I know — it didn’t work for me, either.

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