The Rest of the Story

Remember last Friday’s walk? We found a baby osprey in it’s nest, we took a little hike, we played kickball?

There was a charming little sequence I neglected to include in the post. I didn’t include the next four photos because they’re a teensy bit horrifying and I didn’t want to tarnish any image you all may have of me. (HA)

After much deliberation, I’m posting the missing photos. Because if you’re new, and you read that ‘Friday Walk’ post, there’s a good chance you may now be under the impression we fart peppermint at the Pie House.

Let me preface this by saying, MP and I make it a habit to pick up trash on our walks and bike rides. She’s still young enough to think of it as a game, and she’s great at spotting litter. Now that I think about it, this little civic duty lesson may have something to do with her bag lady leanings … But I digress.

Another thing to keep in mind is that I was zoomed in from a distance. And I’m nearsighted. Am I justifying enough?


I’m so all over this photo op. What’s she got there? A rock?


Whatcha got there, Honey? Did you find some garbage? Let’s see!


I can’t see that far Honey. The camera seems to be affixed to my face. Bring it here Sweetie …


Oooh, a bottle!

A … liquor bottle.

A GLASS liquor bottle.

Oh, look. A BROKEN glass liquor bottle.

So that peppermint fart thing? I think this cleared things up nicely.



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10 responses to “The Rest of the Story

  1. Whenever my kids see beer bottles, bottletops, beer logos they always cover their mouth and point. I’m like, “Is it yours?” They are horrified and shake their head ,’no.’ “Then don’t worry about it!”

  2. I like it. I’ll have to work on that one!

  3. This post is so freakin’ funny. I LOVE that photo of her holding the bottle and smiling. And by the way, I only want the tarnished images, please. That post where I thought you were taking your kid to a deli for nutritious vege sandwiches made me panic.

  4. Yes…keep the honesty coming. I have so many I’m not even brave enough to write about. One involves a cigarrette roller and a stove. Long story.

  5. I think the last photo is just screaming to be your Happy Holidays 2008 card. Friends and family will LOVE IT.

  6. Ok and MSM – Tarnished images, it is! There are plenty …
    McMommy – I LOVE that idea! I’m going to start fiddling with it asap 🙂

  7. Yes, if you don’t use that photo for your Christmas card (or whatever holiday is appropriate) you’ll regret it! Very cute. And don’t worry: you have at least one reader who’s pretty hard to shock in the Uh-Oh Parenting department.

  8. Okay, you guys have convinced me – holiday tidings it shall be!

  9. singleworkingmommy


    I convinced a friend to use a picture of her screaming kids in a Christmas photo. I said it was super cute and we brainstormed up the perfect line to go with it.

    Her husband and mother got mad at her after she ordered about a gazillion cards. Just sayin’. (At least you don’t have to worry about the husband… Is that rude? It feels rude. But I’m a single mom, too! Not trying to be rude. Really. No rude.)

  10. You’re too funny SWM – not rude at all. Trust me, I’m pretty hard to offend … (And hey, it’s reality!)

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