Speaking of Things That Blow …

So it’s lunchtime.

I pull into a parking space at Subway, park the car, pull out the key, look over and see THIS out the passenger side window …


      … right before HAVING A CORONARY.

        This is a van. A van with a kid painted on the side. A van that, upon closer inspection, belongs to a music store.

        Or simply, Holy Freakin’-Car-Jacking-Trumpet-Blowing-Window-Peeking-Crap-My-Pants Van.

        Don’t DO this to me, people.



        Filed under Music Piece

        2 responses to “Speaking of Things That Blow …

        1. Yeah, I had to look pretty hard to understand what I was seeing. At least it wasn’t the van of a shooting range or gun store.

        2. Okay, THAT would’ve truly killed me.

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