The Weekly Lineup

Lately, once MP goes to bed, I spend most of my time online. The dishes left to sit in the sink and the pile of unfolded laundry on the couch speak to that.

I’m not one of those sexy, dating single moms, like Rachel at Single Mom Seeking, or my blogging buddy Ms. Single Mama. I still like to think I’m a Yummy Mummy in my own right, however, this self-imposed exile from the dating world means a night out for this single mama is somewhat of a rarity these days. As for nightly entertainment, when I’m not glued to the laptop, I have my shows.

Okay, that sounded pa.the.tic. At least I didn’t call them ‘my stories.’

Just keepin’ it real. Not to the extreme of highlighting TV Guide, but here’s MY idea of a good time. Give me the couch, a warm blanket, a glass of red, and I’m fully satisfied. For the time being, anyway.

Hottest Show Evah
The Tudors season premiere is tonight and I’m so excited I could pee myself.


I think this ^ speaks for itself. Decadent. Yummy.

A Straight Woman’s Guilty Pleasure
The L Word, also on Showtime. I straight up LOVE this show. I want these women to be MY friends. They’re all so interesting and complicated and hip and fun and super hot. I’m addicted to these lesbians.


Can They Really Say That On TV?!?
Two and a Half Men is the only thing that’s kept me from giving up on network TV. I don’t think I’ve watched a single episode that didn’t have me howling with laughter. Far and away, it’s the king of the one-liners. And so raunchy. Huge fan of the raunch. Normally, I would probably pass on Charlie Sheen, but holy Hell, THIS show CRACKS ME UP. I want to go have beers and play darts with the writers – and I’ll buy. It’s that good.


Some memorable lines include:

Charlie: You’re like an Alzheimer’s patient in a whorehouse, constantly surprised that you’re getting screwed.

Charlie: I’ll admit you’re kookie Judith. But compared to our mother you’re like a fart in a hurricane.

Charlie: Drugs! Get me drugs!
Alan: No. Medication will only mask the pain.
Charlie: Fine, mask it! Give it a cape and let it fight crime, I don’t give a damn!

Charlie: [making a deal with Alan while standing at a urinal] Want to shake on it?

Charlie: [Alan is supposed to have a colonoscopy, and is very worried about it] Count your blessings; in the old days, they had to send a sketch-artist up there.

Rose: When your psyche is iffy, you can’t get a stiffy.

Charlie: People who live in fat asses shouldn’t throw waffles.

Alan: You’ll go to mom’s funeral, won’t you Charlie?
Charlie: Of course! As the eldest son, it’s my duty to pound the last stake into her heart.
Alan: That’s typical, nothing for Alan to do.
Charlie: Alright, you can chop off her head and put it onto a stake for the villagers.
Alan: Thank you!

Smooky Goodness
Ghost Hunters on the Sci Fi Channel – The BEST of the best. You may recall I love the ghosties … Unlike some of the other paranormal shows, I totally believe these guys. When they aren’t bustin’ spooks, they work for Roto Rooter – can’t get more grounded in reality than a plugged toilet.


Paranormal State on A&E – This one kind of creeps me out but I can’t stop watching.


Most Haunted on the Travel Channel – Totally fake, but admittedly entertaining.


I hate game shows.


I’m embarrassed to say, for some reason, this one has me addicted. And Howie’s one of my OCD peeps, so how could I NOT like it? (Just in case some of you didn’t know, that’s why he never shakes hands. Apparently, contestants are instructed before the show that, with the exception of the knuckle pound, there’s to be NO physical contact. I’m not that bad.) Plus, it’s one show I don’t feel guilty watching with MP. We guess case numbers together and she learns the difference between one dollar and one million dollars. Educational, right?

American Idol
My money’s on David Cook. Who cares if I’m 15 years older? When he sings, he makes me want to serve breakfast in bed.



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8 responses to “The Weekly Lineup

  1. By the way…you’re Tudor’s boy….is also in August Rush…

    which my homesexual brother told me about…and he was right….it was a very good movie….and you’re boy is H-O-T in it!

    I also love Cashmere Mofia…and Notes from the Underbelly

  2. I love love LOVE 2-1/2 Men. My favorite episodes was when they were talking about mastication, and Jake acted like he knew what it sounded like…Stating “You know”.

  3. TXMommy

    I read that Howie shaved his head for OCD cleanliness…

  4. I’m so unhip — I haven’t heard of half of these shows. And I do the same thing you do when the kids are in bed, only without a laptop.

    That sounded dirty but I meant it clean.

  5. I’ve been wondering if the Tudors was any good…I mean Jonathan Rhys Meyers is gorgeous but I didn’t know if you could make a show off of that.

    Glad to know someone approves. Hope you have a good day.

  6. What? There are shows other than “Blues Clues”, “Wow Wow Wubzy”, and “Oswald”?!

    We try – boy do we try – but Noggin always wins in this household!

    P.S. Are you going to BlogHer in SF?

  7. Wait a sec, were you just describing ME? You crack me up Mommy Pie! You should see me now, in my sweatpants with my laptop — sexy for sure!

    I do prefer a good book over TV, though.

    So, are you going to BlogHer in SF? I am!

  8. Jim

    I also love two and a half men…one of the best lines is when Charlie has to go to a soccor game of Jakes. Charley is told they dont keep score because it’s for the sportsmanship and not who wins or loses. Charlie ask “shouldnt you have thought of all of this before you taught them to count”… of many great lines.

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