Welcome to Mars. May I Take Your Order?

Last Friday, after gymnastics, MP and I went out to lunch with her BFF Gigi and Gigi’s mom (also my friend).

We went to the usual place. It had changed a bit over the past few weeks.


At this point, I’m wondering what planet we’ve landed on.


Here’s MP enjoying the leather couch. Note the perilously perched sculpture just begging to be tipped over. I give it two months.


You gotta be freakin’ kidding.


Yeah Baby. My McDonald’s has a leather couch.

Apparently Ronald’s had a little work done. Classin’ the joint up.

I’m troubled.

Where’s the red and yellow decor? The adjoining plastic booths that rock and jar when customers shift in their seats behind you? Where’s my Mickie D’s? What’s the world coming to?

The McDonald’s of my adolescence was THE place to go weekend nights. Situated on the outermost corner of a large shopping center parking lot, it served as a roundabout for Saturday Night Main St. Cruisers. Countless summer nights were spent on that hot pavement, bounding barefoot from car to car. Looking back, I realize our idea of entertainment reflected just how untouched by the world-at-large we really were.

It was wonderful.


We interrupt this post to puke.
How very Happy Days, MommyPie. 

I especially like the part where you fail to mention the ginormous amount of B&J Wine Coolers consumed on those hot summer nights. Mmm hmm. Continue.


It didn’t last.

Time marches on, without so much as a backward glance at those carefree summer nights that have, now without a doubt, been forever relegated to the collective memory of the class of ’86.

And now … we have leather.

Here’s a corner in the new, upscale PlayLand area — that’s Gigi’s mom relaxing in the conversation pit. As I sat down in the leather chair beside her, I couldn’t help but pity the poor shmos who were going to have to dig smashed fries and caramel goo out of its cracks.

At least the foliage is still fake.


And the piece de resistance?

The lovely water feature highlighting the trash receptacles.


It just ain’t right.



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15 responses to “Welcome to Mars. May I Take Your Order?

  1. TXMommy

    Wow! McDonald’s… really? Definitely movin’ on up – How long do you think before all that leather is covered by greasy little fingerprints?

  2. That’s my coffee table! I’m going to have to check out this place when I get back. Bizarro world.

  3. I’m with you! That is some swanky MickeyD’s. Who does he think he is anyway? A clown should not have that fine of an establishment. It’s shameful. I want my kids to catch colds in the unclean play area!

  4. How weird. I am speechless. Actually speechless.

  5. At first I panicked. I thought, Oh, she’s one of those moms who takes her kids to healthy, classy delis. She must be horrified when she comes over to my place. What a relief!

  6. Deb

    I’m with you on the horrification.

    BUT, I guess it’s better than a salmonella-infected ball pit?

    And — totally on the Bartles & Jaymes wine coolers! Remember those commercials?

    Go Class of ’86 go!

  7. Down with swank! I do have to admit, the germiphobe in me does like the nice new clean furniture, though … (Although, don’t worry ‘OK’ – our houses look alike!)

    ’86 Rules.

  8. ?????!!!!!

    I really don’t know what to say…in some ways, I like the Starbuckesque makeover. At the same time, I totally agree with you. It’s almost sad….and weird!

  9. Hi MommyPie,

    Nice place you got here. Swanky furniture, yeah. Nice art, see? I’m lovin’ it, yeah. Not sure exactly why I feel compelled to write like a hokey gangster, but maybe it’s the McDecor.

    Anyway, thanks for stopping in today and leaving a comment! I’ll be back, see?

    — Laurie @ Foolery

  10. Okay, YOU crack me up, Capone.

  11. stephsnsane

    oh my gosh, that is crazy! now i want to go check out my mcdonalds and see if they’ve fixed it up… havent been there in ages…

  12. Yeah… our MacDonald’s just got a fireplace. A fireplace! My house doesn’t have a fireplace. A perilously perched sculpture, yes; a fireplace, not so much. The world is indeed gone mad.

  13. A FIREPLACE?!? What’s next? A hot tub?

  14. Bossy will take one McZen sandwich and a side of fries.

  15. ABC’s Nightline did a story on the new McDonald’s several weeks ago. Most, if not all, of the “restaurants” are getting makeovers including free WiFi REAL and gourmet coffees.

    I’m sure you can find the news video somewhere.

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