Hoober Bloob

My brother thinks it hilarious to give MP loud toys that scream UGLY and take up valuable real estate inside my house.

Like this.


My dad (aka Bobo) thought he’d get in on the fun with this little gem.

Because who wouldn’t want a giant Rainbow Trout?


(Okay, I have to admit I’m not 100 percent sure this was a joke – there’s a good chance he may have sincerely thought this was cool. In which case … I still hate it.)

Which is why I was elated to find THIS on clearance for just $12.99 (regularly $57.99).


I like to call it … Sweet Revenge.

Come September when my nephew turns two, I may actually have to fly back to the city just to see my brother’s face when Auntie MommyPie’s gift is unveiled. I’m sitting here giggling, I’m so excited.

Adding to the perfection is that it’s going to irritate him so much more than it would me. Because I actually think the rocket’s kind of cute, whereas he’ll HATE it. This should fit beautifully in his Victorian dining room.

With five more months left to shop, by the time I’m done with it, that house is gonna look like the Hoober Bloob Highway, Baby.

Welcome to parenthood, Sucka.



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2 responses to “Hoober Bloob

  1. My brother is nearing 40 and just had his first child. I CANNOT wait to bestow upon him gifts like yours. For years, he’s given my children expensive, noisy, un-age appropriate gifts. And it is payback time!

  2. HAHA! The trout just cracked me up.

    My mom gave two of my son’s these great little Tow Mater trucks that have no volume control.

    No volume control? What century are we in? And I’m blessed to have two.

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