The Artist Formerly Known as MommyPie

Here’s my contribution to Make Me Laugh Monday … a bit of a lazy post after the Easter weekend, but this link is good for a chuckle. Don’t forget to come back and share your new identity …

Today, I will be known as Mimi Skye. 

Leave a case of Jack Daniels in the dressing room. And a bowl of blue M&Ms. ONLY the blue.



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10 responses to “The Artist Formerly Known as MommyPie

  1. lol, here’s your blue m&m’s

  2. I’m Cammi Criss and I only drink Cristal.

  3. Hey, wasn’t Peter Criss the drummer in KISS? You know, the cat? Your dad, maybe?

    And what is wrong with me that I know that?

  4. Hi…I’m Tori Tyler

    I need a grin today! Thanks MP!!

  5. Rock on Tori – you must be married to Steven? Lucky girl, you …

  6. Deb

    I’m Tara Winter.

    Name of my next book character, for shure!

    She’ll be a sleezy chick rocker who slept her way to the top, suffered from manic depression and eventually came out with an album of prayer hymns.

  7. Excellent!

    The Winter of Our Discontent?

  8. Hey there, Nikki Sweet here. Rock on!

    Too funny! 🙂

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