Notes to Self

Write MP’s thank you cards please. It’s getting embarrassing.

Get the damn 2008 day planner already. And consider yourself lucky if there are any left. You cannot continue to use stickie notes. You know better. This happens every year.

Artificial grass. Eggs. Dye.

You joined a gym last month, wwwhy? I know you saw your butt in the mirror this morning. Seriously. Go. Tonight.

You’re going to take MP to the ranch store to see the baby Easter chicks instead, aren’t you? Pray there are no rabbits. You will bring one home.

Oh yeah.

The rain forest called.

They want their trees back.



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2 responses to “Notes to Self

  1. Oh, post it notes. They’re like the wolf in sheep’s clothing–the pretense of being useful, but they’re dreadful. I have them everywhere. There all over the side of my computer, they’re stacked on the dresser next to my bed from when I take them out of my pockets, and then some of them go through the wash. It’s an obsession.

  2. Hmm I’m beginning to think a day planner might be an asset as well. Have I gotten Easter stuff for my child yet? Um. No. Maybe one day I will get it together.

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