Ecksqueeze Me?

Standing in the entryway last night, MP inadvertently kicked me while trying to get her boots off.

“Sorry Mom, I was just whacking that off.”


“Why are you laughing?”


Forgive me.


I do love these boots, though. Even if I am an 11-year-old BOY.



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7 responses to “Ecksqueeze Me?

  1. I’m a dad. I was a boy. I have a boy.
    And so I’m still laughing my ass off from this post.
    Too funny!

  2. Deb

    OK, now I want the pillow AND the boots.

  3. I love those boots. If Deb doesn’t get them first, you know I’m taking them. Truth is, I could probably find some in my size. BTW, yes, I am at work at 7:45 AM. I have no word.

  4. TXMommy

    Your daughter is an absolute riot! Thanks for keeping me laughing –

  5. Mo

    Those boots are so cute! I would have laughed too by the way 🙂

    Thank you so much for emailing the other day. I think I got the commenting kink worked out…(Crossing my fingers!)

  6. my daugther has those boots! but in brown…

  7. TXMommy

    I called our London office today for some info, and the secretary told me she’d “whack it up in an e-mail.” Almost snorted on the phone. Maybe MP’s part Brit?

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