Four is Officially Kicking My Ass

MP brought home this self portrait last week.


Out of all of them, I like this personality best. Happy Sybil.

Sadly, we don’t see as much of Happy Sybil these days. It seems Whiny, Snotty, Bossy, Tearful and Crabby Sybil have formed an alliance and voted her off the island.

I miss Happy Sybil.

To help weather the storm, I’ve decided to use this ridiculously cute rendering as a focal point … while I breathe through the pain.

And to remind me there are still a few things about four that DON’T suck.



Filed under Art Piece

4 responses to “Four is Officially Kicking My Ass

  1. Mommypie – I LOVED this. I can so relate – my four-year-old is going through the same thing.

  2. Really, wow – I was beginning to think it was just me …

  3. I KNOW! I can’t believe no one’s commented – maybe Wednesdays are some kind of weird blogger holiday we don’t know about?

  4. I don’t know man. And I really liked that post too – thought for sure SOMEONE would comment. *sigh*

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