A Liver Runs Through It

In the spirit of St. Patty’s Day …

Actual correspondence received in my office last month.


A Liver Runs Through It. The heartwarming story of a boy and his organ.



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6 responses to “A Liver Runs Through It

  1. TXMommy

    Hi there –
    Just wanted to say I love, love, LOVE your site. I visit everyday to see what’s going on with you & MP. I’m a single mom in TX and it’s so nice to read about other moms out there living the same life as me. (And loving it!) Hope you & MP enjoyed your Hawaii “trip” and you’re not too jet-lagged to post. 😉

  2. That is great! Still smiling!

  3. Wait … did you really go? Ha! Hysterical.

  4. not to be confused with “Spleenless in Seattle”…

  5. MommyTime

    Hilarious! Also not to be confused with “Spineless in Seattle…”

  6. TXMommy – Thanks so much for your sweetness – and thanks for chiming in – hope to hear more from you! (The trip was fabulous, btw …)

    THAT Fam and MSM – As always, thanks for playin’ 🙂

    Bananas and MommyTime – You two are just too clever – hope to see more of your witty comments!

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