Dancin’ The Night Away

Tonight MP and I attended our first traditional luau. What a fantastic way to wrap up this little spring getaway …

MP was absolutely mesmerized by the Maori Warrior Dance. When she offered her doll Giggles to one of the performers and it was happily accepted, she got so excited she jumped up on the stage and joined the act.

Damn, that girl’s got rhythm.


Definitely one for the books.

She was so excited afterward, she wouldn’t let me rest until I participated in a dance too. I caved and gave it my best shot.


So, for now, back to reality Monday morning.

I’m thinking next time, Paris?

Images borrowed from these guys. And these guys.


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5 responses to “Dancin’ The Night Away

  1. You are hilarious! how are you making these pictures???

  2. Lemme tell ya – I have a lot of time to feed my Photoshop addiction once MP goes to bed …

  3. todd

    I absolutely loved this series! what a great idea!

  4. ohhh i could have so much more fun on my blog with photoshop…..

  5. Thanks Todd! I can’t wait for the next trip – already working on my photo album page …

    Ana – You so don’t need PhotoShop – I LOVE your smiley faces!

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