Nevermind The Sharks, Jellyfish and Stingrays

Yesterday we learned how to scuba dive. I was a little surprised the instructor allowed a four-year-old who can’t swim into the program, but I was assured it was completely safe.

Here we are getting ready to go under.


And here we are on the beach at the end of the day when MP emerged from the water the size of an eight-year-old. Not to worry – I’m told by the locals it’s temporary. Despite feeling a little fuzzy, she’s been a real trooper about the whole thing.


So far, our little getaway has been a blast! And surprisingly affordable – I feel like I haven’t spent a dime! We’ll definitely be doing more traveling this year.

Today’s agenda is still undecided … I think we may give paragliding a try. I need some good pics for her baby book …



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2 responses to “Nevermind The Sharks, Jellyfish and Stingrays

  1. Heidi

    Looks like a dream vacation 🙂

  2. Ha – good one! Yes, I have a rich fantasy life …

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