Cue the Banjos

Wednesday Morning Exchange

(MP shrieks, bolts across the room.)

Me: It’s just a moth, Honey.

MP: I don’t like MOPS.

Me: I know. I don’t like mops either.

(Still cowering behind my legs )

Me: It’s okay. It’s just starting to get warmer outside, and when it gets warmer outside, the bugs start to come out.

MP: Yeah, AND gophers.

Me: Yep, and gophers.

MP: We don’t like GO-phers.

Me: No, we don’t like gophers.

MP: Pretty soon Poppy has to start shooting them.

Me: Mm huh.

MP: (Gleefully) And Grammy and me will pick them up!

Me: (Not gleefully) Mm huh.

MP: I like picking up gophers.

Ah, summertime. Flowers in bloom, the smell of freshly mown grass, and Poppy on the porch, pickin’ off gophers with his .22.

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