Day of Destruction

I’ve started the washer three times since Monday night, and forgotten about it each time. Same load. Twice it sat overnight. I swear, it’s gotten moldier each run. Maddening. That, combined with the Sick House smell here is … gross.

Stayed home today with Asthma Baby. She woke up with a cold, so we spent the day on the nebulizer.

Back Story: MP was diagnosed at about 18 months, when she was hospitalized with breathing difficulties and pneumonia. She takes a host of meds every day to control things, but the common cold quickly throws everything out of whack.

The high winds that kicked up overnight didn’t help the breathing situation. The fever didn’t hit until about 1:30.

However, with all that …

… she apparently felt well enough to destroy the house.


I just got her to sleep.

And now I have to clean up.

And I haven’t even shown you the kitchen.



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5 responses to “Day of Destruction

  1. Don’t you hate that growing laundry in the washer. I think I have one started now. 🙂 Don’t worry. Eventually if you let it grow long enough, it should grow arms and legs and put itself in the dryer, right?

  2. Wow! In addition to all the other things we have in common, I also have a load of laundry sitting in the washer waiting for the third day for me to put it in the dryer. My longest? Like two weeks when my pipes were frozen this winter. I totally forgot about them. I guess that wasn’t long enough for it to develop it’s arms and legs though. Dammit. Lol.

    Oh yeah, and we also just got the mariposa barbie with outrageously large wings that won’t seem to stay on.

  3. All I can say is MP is a girl of my own heart…pink, butterfly wings, barbies and ponies.

  4. Thanks for the commiseration Mary and Natasha – arms and legs … HA!

    The Mariposa Barbie was a birthday gift from one of her friends – she calls it her Fairy Barbie. I had no idea it was such a hot commodity with the preschool set – I didn’t even know what it was until last weekend. And those flippin’ wings … I’m getting reeeeeally tired of putting them back on. Hmmm, I smell a post brewing somewhere …

    QB – Now that I look at it, it’s shocking really. Things are getting REALLY girlie around here.

  5. I think our children are long-lost cousins. You know from the “make-a-mess-in-a-second” side of the family.

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