The Menudo Rule

bmen.jpgOnce cast members’ voices start changing, it’s time to give them the boot, Barney.

Seriously. You’re creepin’ me out.

See how the red-haired boy’s unable to squeeze his legs under the playroom toddler table?

I don’t care how convincing his mother may be … he’s outgrown the part. It’s simply too disturbing — this prancing, this singing, this playing of pat-a-cake. All the while telling me how much he loves me.

I’m afraid we’re going to have to block you, my friend.

You make me feel so … dirty.

Gentle Reader: If you weren’t around in the 70s, and have no idea who Menudo was, this will clear things up.


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5 responses to “The Menudo Rule

  1. Deb

    Barney alone give me the creeps….he just seems a little *too* interested in the kids…

  2. I am SO with you – I was never a big fan to begin with … now, after the red haired boy last week … yech. But what do I know – Mister Rogers creeped me out when I was a kid too, and everyone LOVED him …

  3. Damn! I’m always looking for a good excuse to ban Barney in our house and I missed the red-headed creepy episode?

    My 12 mo. old loves Barney and I can not take it for another 2+ years. CAN. NOT.

    Ah, well. I guess it could be worse. They could still want to watch Teletubbies. The 12 mo. old will never see that one. Some things, a mother just shouldn’t have to tolerate.

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