Thank You Sir, May I Have Another

Okay, so I realize this has been up on YouTube forever, and I’m probably the LAST person in the world who hadn’t seen it until today, but on the off chance there are more of you out there, I present Charlie in all of his Oliver Twist-y goodness …



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3 responses to “Thank You Sir, May I Have Another

  1. I had not seen that yet. I am dying laughing… Is it terrible that the british accent makes it even cuter??

    It’s terrible, but I was in Bahrain, and in ToysRUs, and some little boy had lost his mom and dad, and he started yelling “Mummy, Daddy!” in his cute little accent, and i nearly died. If I hadn’t heard his mom calling for him, I’d have grabbed him up smothered him with love and helped him find his parents.

    But.. that is hilarious!

  2. mommypie

    You’re so right – it’s that accent that sends me over the edge!

  3. The accent is ADORABLE! Definitely makes the video.

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