I Swear I’m Gonna Start A Movement

bridgetjones2.jpgI’m outing myself … and simultaneously adding another reason I love being a single mom to the list.

Granny Panties.

HYUGE Bridget Jones “Hello Mummy” Undies.

Yeah Baby.

Big. Plain. White. Cotton. Underwear. Unapologetically unsexy. Something I wouldn’t have been caught DEAD in when there was a man in the picture. Actually, something I wouldn’t have been caught dead in, period … up until last month, when, purely by accident, I was introduced to the big girl panties goodness that is Hanes.

What I purchased was marketed as ‘boy shorts.’ After getting them home, washed and out of the dryer, it was obvious ‘Granny Panties’ was probably more accurate. I was bummed. I tried them on. I was addicted.

Now, I am dangerous in my ginormous Granny Pants.

In my GPs, I am a rebel. This new rejection of the beautiful and lacy but itchy and maddeningly uncomfortable g-strings of my past – and declaration of love for the plain and simple brings sweet satisfaction. The only one I have to please … is me.

Oh, how I love you, my Granny Pants.

Assimilating easily into my nighttime routine, the GPs are icing on the cake. I can have my hot shower, my wet hair, my face mask. (As in moisturizing. Not hockey. ‘Cause that would be weird. And creepy.) I can have my cold clean sheets and I can pull on my big ‘0l Granny Panties and savor an entire bed to myself.

I submit that Granny Panties are the new sexy. (Okay, it was worth a shot.)

I dare you to try ’em.

Viva La Granny Panties!

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10 responses to “I Swear I’m Gonna Start A Movement

  1. wearethatfamily

    THOSE ARE AWESOME! Gonna get me some for my granny moments, which are happening more and more often. Btw, thanks for visiting my site!

  2. Deb

    Oh my God. I’m wearing those right now.

  3. Can I join your movement?

    But the thing is, I DO have a man in the picture and my drawer is filled with granny panties. They’re more like grannies in disguise since I have them in all the girlie colors and patterns. I guess they’re more like kindergarten girl panties.

    Anyway, my favorite are my roomy “maternity” underwear I still wear after almost 2 years of not being pregnant – that trick me into feeling skinny. Anything that can trick me into feeling skinny is top on my list.

    Love your post –

  4. mommypie

    GP Wearers of the Blogosphere Unite! You gals crack me up :).

  5. Amy

    Amen sister! I am wearing GP’s right now…striped! Oh yeah, I am stylin’. I love the boy short underwear. Those are actually my favorites. I think they are kinda sexy. Well, better than my GP’s anyway. My poor hubby. I wonder how long until he complains. Right now, our daughter is 5.5 weeks old, so I am still within my “healing” window. We’ll see how long I can play THAT card. 🙂

  6. wow. that is so refreshingly honest. and admittedly, a whole lot of scary. for me. i tried the boy shorts but they kept giving me wedgies which aside from a constantly falling bra strap was half of my problem anyway. can i still be part of your movement anyway. i’ve always been the ‘tag-along.’

  7. mommypie

    Join one, join all – strength in numbers!

    As for the boy shorts, try the ones without the seam up the middle. Why in God’s name designers do this is beyond me – the few pairs I have like this have been relegated to the dust rag bucket.

  8. oh yes it was the one with the seams in the middle! spanx should just make everyday underwear, sell it at walmart and give every mom a break.

  9. This post makes me sad. But I’m a guy. You’d probably sling shot a pair at me right now if I was there. Haha. (If you don’t get my sense of humor yet, you will. I hope.)

  10. LOL! I just wrote a post on how granny panties are the best thing ever. I am collecting a drawer full of them as legal proof..sigh! dont even ask

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