Monday Morning Confessional

This box of 53 was supposed to go to MP’s class for shared snack this week.

I know.

Mama’s gotta find a man. Or something.



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6 responses to “Monday Morning Confessional

  1. wearethatfamily

    I’m also guilty. Some of my worst mommy moments have been consuming the last of my kid’s snacks and then LYING about it. I need help.

  2. or a muzzle! ha ha i have SOOO been there… that gooey sweet buttery crunchy stuff is dangerous!
    (love the pie chart)

  3. Heidi

    Now I remember why it’s been so long since I’ve made Rice Krispies Bars!

  4. Deb

    Wait a minute.
    That wouldn’t make it ONE day in my house, much less 10.

    Your restraint shames me.

  5. mommypie

    YES! My Peeps! I don’t feel QUITE so guilty now …
    And bananas – gotta say, your muzzle idea actually sounds better than a man right now – HA!

  6. That’s so frickin’ hilarious – I love that chart –

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