The Mommy Switch

mommytag.jpgAs of a few days ago, instead of emulating her mommy with a little ‘Newman’ (my Seinfeld swear word sub, which, coming out of a preschooler is Comedy Central) MP has decided she wants to say ‘Human’ instead.

I cannnot tell you how it lightens my day (I’m thinking about it right now) to visualize her playing cards, flipping over Old Maid, shaking her fist and muttering, “HUUman!”

It’s actually what prompted me to log on and blog in the middle of my workday. So, to ensure I’m still gainfully employed in the morning, I’ll be brief ….

It’s little things like ‘Human’ that just … get me. For instance, there’s just one night a month I schedule to go out (in case you were wondering, I have zero social life) – it’s a regular business thing (now you REALLY feel sorry for me). A cocktaily networking thing. Which is usually a nice diversion, but I’m wearing a nametag, and it’s still work. Tonight’s that night.

Most times I’m able to turn off the Mommy Switch, and relax for a few hours. Drinks, appetizers, adults I like – I should be in Heaven. But inevitably, after an hour or two, I’ll find myself in a sea of people, listening to someone blah-bu-blah-blah-blah … and the switch is tripped. I think about the little things. And I just want to be home.

Do I hear a ‘Human?’

Can I get a little ‘Human’ here?

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5 responses to “The Mommy Switch

  1. Deb

    You’re killing me, Jerry!

  2. mommypie

    I loves me my Seinfeld!

  3. I have to say, I love reading your blog, because you always are writing something to crack me up!

  4. Wow, it sounds like you have a wonderful little human! I’m going to have to try some creative curses, too, cause right now I keep coming out with the wrong stuff at the wrong time.

    Rassafrackin works for me, though!

  5. mommypie

    Thanks ana.biosis – you know I’m LOVIN’ comments like that!

    And SoloMother – Rassafrackin has a good ring – kinda cartoony … I LIKE it!

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