The Secret Life of Parents

rockband.jpg2008 is a milestone year around here. This is the year my old friends and I all turn 40. Crazy.

Saturday night I went to the first, of what I’m sure will be many, 40th b-day celebrations. This one was at the home of a married couple I’ve known since high school – in fact, they’ve been together since high school. Now, more than two decades and a set of 12-year-old triplets later, they’re still throwing the best parties.

Most faces were familiar; a few were new. Like the older gentleman and his wife who, after a few drinks and a little polite conversation, told me I reminded them of a heroine in a Jane Austin novel.

“How is it,” they wondered aloud, “that a woman as charming and engaging as you hasn’t found anyone yet? We MUST find you a man!”

At any rate, let’s say the night was roughly 98 percent Married with Children. And of course, Le Token Single Mama. Which is okay, because I actually love hanging out with cool couples.

After much wine, cheese, sushi (not for me thank you), and even a few bottles of Dom (uh, not FROM me, thank you), the music got louder, and before I knew it, yours truly was belting out Should I Stay or Should I Go … into a mic. In the livingroom. The Clash never sounded so … dog howlingly bad.

But SO barkin’ fun.

It wasn’t long before things progressed to one of those side-splitting, pee-your-pants, hysterically memorable nights.

If you’ve ever heard of Guitar Hero (and if you haven’t, don’t feel badly – it was new to me too), Rock Band is a step above (check out this recent CNN report) – it’s this amazing video game that incorporates two guitars, a drum set and a mic. Band members all ‘play’ (and sing) along with rock songs, trying not to miss a note. (I had my turn at bass guitar too.) I am so NOT a video game person, but I gotta admit, this puts Scattergories and Pictionary to shame. (Holy Dork.) I snapped a few shots with my camera phone, that sadly, turned out way too crappy to post, which bums me out because I wanted to share the night’s awesome rock star goodness …

So there you have it – the more things change, the more they stay the same. Well, kinda. What do you think your parents were doing all those years ago, while you were at home with a sitter?

Uh, scratch that – mine were probably at some 70s wife swapping key party.

This was much better.

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