Sleeppicker Strikes Again

6:41 a.m.
Hep me Rhonda.

Another panic stricken bloody morning for MP.

Booger Lady’s BandAid idea lastest all of 20 minutes. If anyone has any advice, I’m all ears. Seriously.



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5 responses to “Sleeppicker Strikes Again

  1. I used to get bloody noses all of the time when I was a kid. (and my dad was a doctor). There was nothing he could even do – except make me (and I mean make me) sit still with my head as far back as it would go while he pinched it shut. Had to keep the blood from pouring out so it could start healing.

    Poor little MP. Poor you…maybe you should put gloves on her while she sleeps so she can’t pick at her nose.

  2. mommypie

    Now there’s a thought – that might be next …

    Is there such thing as hypnosis for nose picking cessation?

  3. I sucked my pointer finger until I was five…mom and dad tried everything. Even wrapping my finger in ribbon – nasty tasting finger nail polish – finally it was a dentist who told me my smile would be messed up if I kept doing it. I walked out of that dentist’s office and never sucked my finger again.

    Hmmm…maybe a doctor can tell her she’ll pick her brain out.

  4. mommypie

    BAHAHAHA – LMAO! Now THAT’s good stuff.

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