Dancing in the Dark

moon1.jpgI ask you, is there any better magic show than a lunar eclipse? Tonight was a MP’s first true ‘celestial event’ – a pretty big deal for a girl who, up until a few months ago, was obsessed with the moon.

We live in the country, in a valley at the base of a mountain range, under a big sky with stars as far as the eye can see. Together, after dinner, we bundled up in a blanket on the front porch, the warm breath from our giggles visibly meeting the cold night air as we watched the face of the moon slowly slip into shadow. It was 15 minutes, give or take, before we decided to spontaneously break into dance – she in her footie pajamas, green winter coat and fleece hat; me in my sweatpants, slippers and long wool dress coat. We were quite the sight, I’m sure. It’s moments like this I love being a single mommy more than ever.

I can only imagine the teacher’s face tomorrow when MP recounts her tale of a night spent dancing under the moon. (Thankfully, we don’t live in Salem circa 1692 …)

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