Valentine’s Day by the Numbers

I love stats. So, to celebrate Valentine’s Day and embrace my inner geek, here are some numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau I’m recording for posterity. Someday, I suspect, if it’s still around, this list will blow MP’s mind (for many reasons) …

2.2 million
The number of marriages that take place in the United States annually. That breaks down to more than 5,918 a day.

The number of marriages performed in Nevada during 2006. So many couples tie the knot in the Silver State that it ranked fourth nationally in marriages, even though its total population that year among states was 35th.

25.5 and 27.5
The estimated U.S. median ages at first marriage for women and men, respectively, in 2006. The age for women rose 4.2 years in the last three decades. The age for men at first marriage is up 3.7 years.

56% and 60%
The percentages of American women and men, respectively, who are 18 or older and currently married (includes those who are separated).

Percentage of men and women ages 30 to 34 in 2006 who had been married at some point in their lives—either currently or formerly.

5 million
Number of opposite-sex cohabitating couples who maintained households in 2006. These couples comprised 4.4 percent of all households.

Number of single men (i.e., never married, widowed or divorced) who are in their 20s for every 100 single women of the same ages.

Number of single men (i.e., never married, widowed, or divorced) age 65 or older for every 100 single women of the same ages.

The number of dating service establishments nationwide as of 2002. These establishments, which include Internet dating services, employed nearly 4,300 people and pulled in $489 million in revenues. (I can only imagine how large this number is now …)


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