The Color of Love

Mention the “Horny M&M” and it definitely brings back some funny memories of grade school. And this year, as Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, instead of the typical sea of red, white and pink found in candy aisles across the nation … you’ll notice a little green.

The Mars Company is capitalizing on a popular myth (it’s a myth?!?) about this particular color M&M and has created special packages containing only green M&Ms.

According to urban legend debunker, “The rumor that these green candies are an aphrodisiac apparently started or first gained prominence in the 1970s, when students reportedly picked the green ones out of packages to feed to the objects of their desires.” (Uh, that’s probably sugar coating it a bit…)

Click here, and you can even email a green one to your sweetie.

Genius! I LOVE great marketing.


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