Hitting the Gym


UGH. I promised myself and two workout partners I would finally join and start working out tomorrow. I’ve already blown past two or three self-imposed deadlines … it would be ridiculous to miss another.

Although … MaggiePie has been sick with a fever all weekend, so I may get a reprieve…

I’m so not looking forward to this, but after reading Younger Next Year for Women (I highly recommend it), I think I’m finally motivated to get up off my butt and get in better shape. I’m fortunate in that I don’t necessarily need to lose weight — I do, however, need to start getting a regular cardio workout. To say my time-crunched lunch hour eating habits (i.e. drive thru) are frightening would be a HYUGE understatement.

As I close in on 40, I’m convinced that unless I start workin’ it soon, my heart — tired and pissed off after years of abuse — will one day … simply flip me the bird and explode. And as MP’s only living parent, that’s just not acceptable.


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