I Don’t Wanna Get Married

MP has had marriage on her mind the past few weeks.

No, she’s not asking for a daddy. She’s concerned about her own impending marriage (yes, she’s not yet four), and has tearfully expressed numerous times that she does not want to get married. EVER.

I tell her there’s no need to be upset. That she doesn’t have to ever get married if she doesn’t want to. But I also tell her that marriage can be a wonderful thing, and that maybe someday she’ll meet someone she loves so much that she’ll want to marry and be with them always.

“No,” she says. “I WON’T!”

She then goes on to tell me she wants to be with me always, which eases my mind a bit. Perhaps this is just a typical worry at this age, and has nothing to do with being raised in a single-parent home. I try to remind myself she is deep in the throes of the whole “I don’t like boys” thing, after all (apparently they’re mean).

However, because it’s my responsibility to make sure she grows up to be a healthy, well-adjusted individual, I can’t help but be a little concerned, and wonder if this is one of the so-called adverse effects of the non-nuclear household.

Then again, perhaps second-guessing oneself just comes with the territory called Motherhood.


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