Bag Lady

Things MP has accumulated over the past week. And has to keep.

1 (one) Dixie cup from lunch at preschool.
1 (one) used napkin from lunch at preschool (tucked carefully in her cubbie alongside its buddy Dixie cup).
1 (one) fruit snacks wrapper.
2 (two) used Scooby Doo Band-Aids.
1 (one) empty, used baggie.
1 (one) empty strawberry Gogurt wrapper.
2 (two) empty Dora The Explorer yogurt cups. (Which actually make decent bath toys, so I’ll cut her some slack.)

Oh, and did I mention how much she loves the little shopping cart Santa brought her?


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One response to “Bag Lady

  1. Aubrey

    Too cute!! At least we can save money because we don’t have to buy toys!

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