Like A Butter Dream

Is it wrong that I just finished packing up Christmas decorations today? Mmm … somehow, not as fun as unpacking. Definitely lacking the fanfare. The little Christmas Village that’s become tradition … while cute, a colASSal pain in the butt to get back into it’s foam-packed, saran-wrapped boxes. Each year, there’s more to put away – subsequently, each year the decorations stay up longer. And longer. Until I absolutely can’t stand it. (Last year, my Christmas cards didn’t go out ’til Easter, so the whole thing has become a bit of a joke among friends…)

At least someone had fun – here’s a sampling of the tunes MP sang, dancing from room to room, in and around the chaos.

Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream
Mary, Mary, Mary
Like a butter dream

(I LOVE that!)

Everybody falls in love with a handsome prince…

(If you’re lucky, Sweetheart, yes…)

Mocha choca latta ya ya


The topper though, is always the bedtime prayer – it has to be sung as well … in a tiny little glass-crackingly high-pitched voice. I’ve never heard a sweeter sound. *sigh*


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